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The Victorian Music Development Office (VMDO)

The Victorian Music Development Office (VMDO) is managed by Music Victoria and guided by a steering committee of music industry experts. The VMDO is focused on supporting the Victorian contemporary music industry now and into the future.

To ensure a long-term growth in the prosperity of Victorian music businesses, the VMDO equips micro to medium businesses and mid-career to established professionals with the resources and skills that will ensure music businesses continue to grow and those careers don’t have an expiration date.

The Victorian Music Development Office is a key component in the Victorian Government’s Music Works strategy. Music Works is a commitment to boosting the development of the Victorian contemporary music industry, supporting the creation of jobs and sustainable careers, and ensuring Victoria maintains its reputation for great music.

All of VMDO’s projects and programs are designed to support and encourage professional growth in music. Support Acts for the Big Names (SAFBN) is another key industry commitment from the Victorian Government which will be delivered by VMDO. SAFBN is a market development program focusing on increasing performance opportunities for under-represented groups, such as First Peoples, women, and people from diverse backgrounds and abilities, living in Victoria. Support Acts for the Big Names is just one of the innovative and inclusive ways we’re investing in a stronger future for Victorian music.

The VMDO is currently based at Music Victoria’s South Melbourne headquarters and will be moving to Collingwood Yards in 2020.

Find out more at or phone (03) 9686 3411.