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From the CEO's desk - December news

7 Dec 2010

Deborah Conway’s 1990s hit ‘It’s Only the Beginning’ was Ted Baillieu’s theme song during the election campaign and we at Music Victoria are hoping that that sentiment rings true over the next few weeks when the new Government formulates its arts policy.

Mr Baillieu taking on the arts portfolio as well as running the state augurs well for the arts community, as it will give arts initiatives a higher profile.

Music Victoria encourages musical education and celebrating Melbourne venues, but we would love to also see support for artists at the grassroots level and in training and development.

It would be great to capitalise on some of our best talent, with artists such as Conway (who currently runs the Queensland Music Festival) and Paul Grabowski (who runs the Adelaide Festival of the Arts) and Mick Harvey involved in curating any new festivals.

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Rocktober - From the CEO's desk

25 Oct 2010

What a great month it has been for the Victorian music community. 

Yes, Rocktober has been truly rocking – music has been all over the media, people are talking about it at pubs and around the office water coolers, listening to it at train stations, on trams, in the City and Federation Square. 

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From the CEO's desk

24 Sep 2010

G'day, Music Victoria has had a busy month catching up with members of the music industry. We held a musicians forum in our offices for about 25 participants, including Terry Noone from the Musicians Union, Mae Parker from Support Act Limited, Quincy McLean from SLAM, Ariel Valent from City of Melbourne and musicians Steve Lucas, Jen Cloher and Charles Jenkins, who engaged in a robust discussion about the state of music in the state.

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From the CEO's desk

20 Aug 2010

Dear Music Victoria supporters
Your CEO reported for duty at the Brunswick Town Hall office of Music Victoria for his first day of work on Monday, 33 years to the day that Elvis 'The King' Presley left the building for the last time. And what a first week it has been. Our project officer Bek Duke had only just secured the office space, computers and second-hand furniture, but within days it felt like home.

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