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A vibrant regional contemporary live music touring circuit is vital, not just for regional musicians and their local scenes, but as a source of entertainment and a coming together of community across many generations.  Regional Victoria also provides touring opportunities for artists from around regional and metropolitan Victoria, Australia and the world to build loyal audiences and generate income.  Live music stimulates local economies and pride in local talent and culture, and provides a pathway to sustainable and rewarding careers for many Victorians.

In 2013, Music Victoria found that the annual contribution to the regional Victorian economy generated by patron spending at live performances in venues and at festivals and special music events is $276.2 million.[1]

According to APRA, there are an estimated 350 festivals in regional Victoria that feature live music,[2] making Victoria one of the biggest music festival states in the world.

Geographically, Victoria is a small state, with established touring circuits accessible by roads.  However, cheaper flights and excess baggage discounts have resulted in more bands flying interstate, which has affected regional touring circuits, including along the Hume Highway and through south west Victoria.  There are opportunities to work with other states to build better resources and better link circuits from South Australia and New South Wales through Victoria to Melbourne, the state’s live music centre.

What is Music Victoria doing in regional Victoria?