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2014 Victorian State Election report card

Contemporary music is one of the jewels in Victoria’s crown, with proven economic, social and cultural benefits. It is largely self-sustaining, but can fulfil its massive potential with strategic support from government.

After consultation with the industry, Music Victoria has identified key projects and initiatives that are critical to the development of the contemporary music sector, which are outlined in our Position and Priorities industry paper, developed in March 2014.

The aim of this is to assist Victorians in making an informed choice at the 29th November election. We encourage all music fans to keep checking in on the report card which we will update as policies are released.

If your party has released a contemporary music policy or initiative, please let us know at and we will update the report card.

If you are a music fan and are not happy with a party’s lack of commitment to music, please contact your local member and make your feelings known.



Labor – ‘Music Works’ policy commits $22.2 million over four years with broad ranging support for the Victorian music industry.
Music Works announcement
Read the response from Martin Foley MP here

Liberal / National Coalition - commits $1.4 million over four years to support regional development and assist the peak body.
Coalition press release

The Greens - Full policy support for Music Victoria's position and priority recommendations

Australian Sex Party - Policy support for most of Music Victoria's position and priority recommendations
Live Music Policy

The Basic's Rock'n'Roll Party - Policy position not clear

Download the report card here.

2014 Victorian State Election report card

** re: UNESCO:
We have received a more conclusive response from UNESCO via Arts Victoria with regards to the City of Music question:
“Melbourne could not apply to another category and cannot refer to itself as a City of Music. But, Melbourne can refer to itself as a UNESCO Creative City (with not necessary mention of the literature category) and can of course collaborate with any other city of the network independently of their respective category."
So for now, unfortunately a UNESCO City of Music designation is not possible.