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The Coaches

“I’m a huge fan of the LMP programme. One of my constant frustrations with the music industry over the years has been the constant cycle of good people with good hearts giving up on the dream of working full-time in music. It’s a simple fact that most people start working in hobbyist style, or start working in a small business environment of high risk to very low return, and that most businesses take many years of hard work before they grow into profitable long term concerns. LMP managed to capture a good percentage of those hard working people from around Victoria and put them in a hot house environment where they shared war stories, learned skills, workshopped solutions to common problems.  We all found the kind of connection and community that gives you the resilience to continue. I was really impressed with the level of sophistication of discussion.  The music industry is constantly changing entity, so an active dialogue between new players and established businesses is essential.  I hope the programme will continue for many years to come.”
Richard Moffat, Band Booker, Groovin’ The Moo

“There is no right or wrong way in the music industry; it’s about finding your own way, what keeps you passionate and what inspires you. Live Music Professionals is a program that shines a light on those strengths and gives you resources for you to grow; but also the ability to network with peers and meet likeminded people could be its biggest strength in an often isolating industry.”
– Shaun Adams, Karova Lounge Ballarat

“Live Music Professionals was a great way to connect with people in different facets of the industry and it was really exciting to see the enthusiasm everyone had to learn, share and really make the most of the program.”
Sally Mather, The Corner Group

“It was such a pleasure to be a coach in the LMP program. Getting involved with people truly passionate about music and what they do was really exciting. Was great to see so many awesome industry people sharing their knowledge”
Alex Zaccaria, Bolster

“So great to be able to take part in the Live Music Professionals workshop last year.  Congratulations to Music Victoria who put a lot of thought into ensuring the participants took a lot of valuable knowledge away with them. It was a pleasure to be part of such a quality program.”
Carolyn Logan, Penney & Logan PR

“Being a coach in this program was a rewarding and enlightening process for me. The learning and sharing was very much a two-way process.”
Sophie Miles, Mistletone


The Participants

“Live Music Professionals was invaluable to me as a way to broaden my knowledge of the many facets of the music business. It was really heartening sharing stories with the coaches and other participants and knowing that having connections in the business is key to how you can improve within it. The coaches were engaged in the program and I felt were genuinely interested in my business and very keen to help. The other participants were all enthusiastic and I think we all benefited from the fun social aspects of the course too. Overall the program was very insightful, always fun and extremely well put together.”
– Tim Heath: Owner, Theatre Royal Castlemaine

“The LMP program provided my business and I with a wealth of information and music industry contacts that I simply wouldn’t have had access to otherwise; the workshops were a key tool in learning how to market my product much more efficiently and the opportunity to pick the brains of the industry’s brightest was something that I found extremely insightful and helpful in improving my events as a whole. Inclusion into the program also directly led to further employment via one of my program mentors, another opportunity that came about because of the LMP program.”
– Todd O’Brien: Managing Director of Hopkins Creek Festival

"Being part of the LMP program has allowed me to network with some amazing music industry people, both the participants and coaches!  I have learned so much more through the program than I ever would have on my own, and feel so much more confident in being able to manage my business than I did before."
Sasha Janssen: Whole Lotta Love, Brunswick East

"The LMP program provided me with a great deal of professional development that is sorely lacking in the live music industry. The cross pollination of ideas and networking opportunities it granted me has been instrumental to the way i have booked The Night Cat."
Will Evans: The Night Cat, Fitzroy

“Live Music Professionals was a very valuable experience for me personally and also for my business. The program connected me with some really great people working all over the industry and has given me great inspiration about ways to grow and improve our business. As a result of the program we have implemented a new marketing plan for Some Velvet Morning which has helped considerably, not only in growing sales but also in professional headspace as we take on a second venue. I also had great fun in the process and was reminded that others often make mistakes like we do!”
Jeremy Furze: Some Velvet Morning, Clifton Hill & The Bridge, Castlemaine

“Thanks for a very exciting time and a terrific learning curve for me. I have benefitted enormously from the program and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend others to do it. I found it very motivating and I’m blown away by the knowledge out there, especially among some very enthusiastic young people. I thought I may have been a little out of place with my lack of experience in the industry itself but actually felt very welcomed and drawn in by everyone and quite validated that my own background and experience in other areas is quite transferable within the industry. The business coaches allocated to me by Live Music Professionals were a perfect fit for our type of business and were able to point us in the right direction or help unravel the intricacies of how best to communicate with the various layers of artists, their managers and agents. Presenters at the Live Music Professionals conference, workshops and Face the Music were highly experienced individuals who were very happy to share their knowledge with participants.”
Rikki Raadsveld: Beechworth Music Festival

“I had created and was running a music project and really making it up as I went along. In many ways I was working in a ‘bubble’, struggling from event to event and not really knowing if how I was working was the correct way to operate. The Live Music Professionals initiative introduced me to a group of interesting and talented individuals, many of whom were in a similar situation. Through the networking opportunities we were able to share experiences and ways of working and help each other in so many positive ways. Coming together with the Live Music Professionals group also helped me realise that I was not alone and that there are many like-minded individuals and groups out there with similar visions and ideas wanting bring quality live music to a discerning rural audience. Meeting so many music professionals through the various meetings and workshops was invaluable in helping me make decisions which affected both the day-to-day running and the future strategic direction of my music events. I now have a clearer vision for my events and even hope to run a festival in the future.”
Robin Griffiths: MOTH, Red Hill

“The LMP program was an excellent opportunity to meet fellow industry professionals in an ever evolving industry. Through the program I made new connections and friends and learnt a lot in a short amount of time, especially in the field of digital marketing, promotional opportunities and the future of online and social media. The LMP program left me feeling excited and inspired about future opportunities and potentials for Bone Soup. It helped me generate new ideas and helped me build the tools and the confidence to make it happen. Thank you Sarah and the LMP gang!”
Pablo Alvarado: Bone Soup

“I found the mentors and coaches extremely knowledgeable in each of their fields and so generous in passing on the collected learning in each of their specialty fields. With what I learnt, we are slowly turning our Live Music venue around, and hope for bigger and better to come. Thank you all!!”
Jed Mast: The Loft, Warrnambool. 

"The LMP program was a very rewarding experience. I’m very grateful of the opportunity. Through it I strengthened Vibrating Planet's vision and learned so many tools and techniques to create successful results in my events, including the creation of a small and growing Latin-alternative music Festival. The results were highly satisfactory with a packed venue two nights in a row. I was also able to expand my network and met a great community of people who shared the same passion for music. There are many highlights I remember from the program including one-on-one coaching sessions, the digital marketing workshop and group meetings with industry professionals who gave us some key insights about their work. Thank you Music Victoria and all the team for your professionalism and excellent support all the way."
Oscar Jimenez, Vibrating Planet

“Overall this program has been one of the most beneficial industry based training programs I have ever been involved in. The structure of the program launch and the intensive two days of classes and networking left me wanting more opportunties to spend time with attendees to understand their experiences/venues/opportunities.”
Lincon Boyd: ex Narana Fest, Geelong


The Live Music Professionals program is an initiative of the Victorian Government delivered by Music Victoria.