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LISTEN - for women, trans and GNC people

LISTEN is a new music initiative focusing on fostering change, using a feminist perspective to promote the visibility and experiences of women, gender non-conforming and LGBTQIA+ people, people of colour, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, people with disabilities and other marginalised folk in Australian music.

LISTEN presents live music showcase events, community discussions, and a bi-annual conference. LISTEN also utilises online and print media to document and promote the work of women and gender non conforming people in the music industry, to share experiences, opinion pieces, musical ideas, paraphernalia and mix-tapes. LISTEN also runs an offshoot independent record label, Listen Records.

A grassroots and entirely volunteer-run organisation, LISTEN aims to spark conversation, initiate change, and celebrate equal participation in the music industry. The initiative strives to facilitate in whatever way the community believes effective and appropriate, and encourages engagement with anyone who is enthused and inspired to do so.




LISTEN lists

“LISTEN Lists” is a new project by LISTEN to help build and distribute a database of women and gender non conforming people in the music industry, and confront the “we couldn’t find a woman” excuse head on. LISTEN Lists aim to subvert the “go to” culture that continues to allow men to dominate key areas of the music industry. Through creating a series of live databases with women and gender non conforming people’s work and contact details. Listen's two current lists include: 

  • Audio production and sound engineering - This list focuses on sound engineers as well as audio producers and is inspired by directories from and Identical Records.

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  •  Artists, musicians, DJs & beat makers - This new list addition covers session musicians, DJ's, playing in a band, playing as a solo artist, or anything else. 

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LISTEN flyers

LISTEN circulated a series of informative flyers at BIGSOUND 2017, but soon after started getting a lot of requests for them from local venues etc.

If you know anyone who runs events / a venue (or you do!) please feel free to share this link around with all the posters in PDF and JPEG formats so they can print them for their own space.

Download LISTEN flyers here