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Education and Training

Music education is vital to the future of the Victorian music industry.

Aside from Music Victoria's monthly professional development workshops, below is a list of music education providers in Victoria.

There are countless studies that point to improved learning capabilities from studying music, and Music Victoria made a submission to 2013's State Government Inquiry into the Extent, Benefits and Potential of Music Education in Victorian Schools music education advocating for improved resources for schools to teach music. Another excellent resource is the Music is Good fact sheet prepared by Music Australia (August 2017).

It is also essential that better pathways are built between tertiary education and the vast array of music industry courses available, as well as structured internships and traineeships through models such as arts ready.

Music Victoria sits on a number of committees to ensure that music courses are providing skills that will be of practical use in the workplace. We are strategically building the capacity of the workplace to ensure that there are enough jobs out there for the thousands of students studying music courses each year.

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  • Australian Institute of Music

    Australian Institute of Music

    Founded by Dr Peter Calvo in 1968, the Australian Institute of Music (AIM) has been a major player in education and training for the Australian music industry, production, performing arts and entertainment management fields for nearly 50 years. AIM courses deliver accredited programs and unique ... Read More ...
  • Box Hill Institute

    Box Hill Institute

    Whether you're interested in music performance, composition, audio production, or the business of music, Box Hill Institute offers a progressive range of courses, from certificates to master degrees. In fact, Box Hill Institute was the first TAFE institute in Australia to offer a degree in applied ... Read More ...
  • Collarts


    Set in an old television studio, Collarts is a dynamic and creative learning space full of energy, passion and opportunity.  ... Our college strives to support young Australians who want to succeed in the local and international entertainment industries by offering hands-on, collaborative ... Read More ...
  • JMC Academy

    JMC Academy

    Established in 1982 by John Martin Cass, JMC Academy was originally founded in Sydney to meet the demand for qualified professionals in the entertainment technology industry. From day one, JMC Academy broke ground as Australia's first private college to qualify for accreditation in the fields of ... Read More ...
  • Monash University

    Monash University

    A distinctive characteristic of the vision of the Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music is to develop the complete 21st century musician. A musician that strives for excellence and who has a holistic approach to music.  A musician that specialises with musical diversity ... Read More ...
  • Melbourne Polytechnic (NMIT)

    Melbourne Polytechnic (NMIT)

    Melbourne Polytechnic will work with you through a diverse range of innovative, hands-on practical skills and modern theoretical learning as your learning and career partner. ... We will give you the knowledge and skills to leap into an evolving and challenging marketplace ... Read More ...
  • RMIT University

    RMIT University

    Studying in the centre of Melbourne exposes you to thriving local scenes, buskers, bars, clubs, theatres and festivals, in the exciting music capital of Australia. ... Through your studies you will explore contemporary trends and issues through a combination of practical, project-based work and ... Read More ...
  • SAE Institute

    SAE Institute

    SAE is the world’s leading educator in creative media industries. Established in 1976, we now span the globe with 54 campuses in 28 countries. ... In Australia, SAE provides courses to more than 2500 students across 6 campuses in Brisbane, Byron Bay, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. ... Read More ...
  • VCA - Victorian College of the Arts

    VCA - Victorian College of the Arts

    The Victorian College of the Arts, within the Faculty of VCA and MCM at the University of Melbourne’s Southbank Campus, is situated on the land occupied by 1000 generations of Australia’s first people. The VCA is committed to providing a deep and transformative learning experience in ... Read More ...
  • Victoria University

    Victoria University

    Victoria University (VU) is well known for preparing our students not just for a career, but for life. ... Through our strong industry connections and leadership in education, we provide opportunities for every individual to achieve success on their own terms. ... Learn ... Read More ...
  • Bendigo Tafe

    Bendigo Tafe

    If you want to establish a career as a professional audio technician, sound designer or audio engineer, then this course is for you. Delivered at our Bendigo City campus this course will teach you about studio operations, digital audio production and PA assembly for live shows. Explore the world of ... Read More ...
  • Kangan Insitute

    Kangan Insitute

    Our music courses delivered at our Broadmeadows campus will provide you with the knowledge and skills required to work in the music industry in a variety of roles including performance/ composition, business and technology. You will learn how to record, mix and master original music using the ... Read More ...
  • Oxygen College

    Oxygen College

    Oxygen College is a registered training organisation specialising in Creative Arts. ... We deliver nationally accredited courses leading to careers or further study in music performance, music business, electronic music, sound production, photography, painting & drawing and ... Read More ...
  • Abbey Road Institute

    Abbey Road Institute

    Abbey Road Institute is a brand-new education initiative from the world famous Abbey Road Studios. Synonymous with excellence in recorded music for more than 80 years, Abbey Road’s continued success is largely due to its staff and their knowledge. ... The team at Abbey Road will be ... Read More ...
  • Richmond Music Academy

    Richmond Music Academy

    Richmond Music Academy is an inner city music school dedicated to helping foster the next generation of performers and participants in the music industry.

    With a focus on training in performance and production, Richmond Music Academy continues to assist musicians of all ages to become active members of Australia’s musical culture.

  • I Manage My Music

    I Manage My Music

    I Manage My Music is a day long workshop specifically tailored to the needs of the self-managed artist. Our focus is to give participants the tools and confidence to take the next steps in their careers. ... Workshop numbers will be limited to ensure everyone is given the focus and ... Read More ...
  • APRA AMCOS Workshops

    APRA AMCOS Workshops

    Professional development workshops run by APRA AMCOS for songwriters, musicians and music industry.

  • St Kilda Jazz Tour

    St Kilda Jazz Tour

    Explore St Kilda's significant jazz periods, places and people from the 1920s to today.