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Noise News

Noise News is a referance page for all stories relating to sound within live music venues. Topics covered range from Agent of Change to Noise Mangement plans to help venues with their sound questions or needs.

What Plug?

Are you looking to try out some earplugs? Maybe you want to upgrade your current pair? There’s a bewildering array out there so Hear Smart has teamed up with Choice to review over 20 different filtered ‘high fidelity’ earplugs to help you make a more informed decision about what plug is right for you. READ MORE

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Living with Live Music - City Of Port Phillip, Melbourne 

Live music has long played an important role in the municipality and St Kilda in particular, which is arguably Australia’s most famous music suburb. Council supports live music’s role in our communities and the important role live music culture has and continues to play in the area for many residents and visitors. Live music venues also make a significant contribution to the local economy and provide important opportunities for emerging and established local musicians. READ MORE

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Tips to help with sound in and out of small music venues

The Live Music Office along with Jaryd Miles, Acoustic Engineer at engineering consultancy firm Inhabit, has come up with a short article on some of the ways you can deal with sound issues in a live music venue! READ MORE

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Agent of Change: The London Plan 2018

Excerpts from The London Plan 2018

Policy D12 Agent of Change

A The Agent of Change principle places the responsibility for mitigating impacts from existing noise-generating activities or uses on the proposed new noise-sensitive development.

B Boroughs should ensure that planning decisions reflect the Agent of Change principle and take account of existing noise-generating uses in a sensitive manner when new development, particularly residential, is proposed nearby. READ MORE

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Can a City Famous for Its Sound Quiet Down?

I heard the low rumble of bass even before I passed through the gate. Descending dark stone steps cradled by tropical vegetation, I rounded a corner and the source of the music came into view: an imposing stack of amplifiers, four speakers wide and twice my height. This was no hodgepodge collection of audio equipment, but a fine-tuned, custom-built sound system. READ MORE

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Sustainable Solutions: How Agent of Change Works And Moving Past The Idea Of Who Was Here First 

Sound impact can be addressed in three ways: through the source, the path, and the receiver. Most sound policy focuses on the role (and responsibilities) of the source, gives scant attention to the path, and overlooks the role of the receiver completely.

When policy fails to address the concerns of future residents in or near entertainment districts, nightlife economies become easy targets for those who misunderstand sound management. This leaves only two options for solving noise conflicts: turn it down or turn it off. READ MORE

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What is 'Agent of Change'..and why is it important?

The Agent of Change Principle is not complicated or controversial, it’s simple common sense: Agent of Change says that the person or business responsible for the change is responsible for managing the impact of the change. READ MORE

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How Independent Music Venues Can Protect Themselves Against Anti-noise Legislation

Small music venues can be noisy places. As regular gig-goers will attest, that’s kind of the point. For decades, the back rooms of pubs and bars have provided a place for artists to learn stagecraft and perform in front of an audience.

But as residential developments push up housing density in UK city centres, some venues have been hit by noise complaints from residents. READ MORE

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Managing Noise Attenuation

Download the 'LIve Music and Entertainment Noise' Practice Note from Planning HERE

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It’s oh so quiet: how to soundproof live venues and keep rocking hard

As high-density urban living becomes more common in Australia’s larger cities, many live music venues are under increasing pressure to restrict noise levels. In an industry that’s already feeling the pinch, forced renovations could be enough to see many of iconic venues close. So what can be done? READ MORE

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What is SEPP N2?

Download the Explanatory Notes from EPA VIctoria HERE




Good Music Neighbours is a Victorian Government initiative.