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Frequently Asked Questions

The program will comence in February 2020 with a full day conference/workshop on a weekday TBC. All participants must be availble for this full day of mentoring activities.  The program will run until May and throughout the program period, a series of masterclasses will be organised for participants. Participants must attend at least three of the four masterclasses which will be scheduled for weeknights after hours. Participants will also be involved in a personal leadership-based assessment and one-on-one coaching.

Participants will meet their mentor at the program launch event in mid to late March. During this event, the participant and mentor will be involved in a mentoring induction workshop and during the workshop the participant and mentor will determine the nature of their mentoring relationship. Each participant/mentor match will be different and the nature of the relationship is flexible so as to work best for the two individuals involved.

Participants will be matched to a mentor by the Cultivate Project Manager with direction from the reference group. Mentors will not necessarily be music industry based. Mentors will have accrued considerable experience in their field, which will be matched to the needs of the participant.

Participants must live in the state of Victoria. Regional applicants are welcomed, however, participants must be available for the program dates and be willing to travel to Melbourne for program activities.

Cultivate is an initiative of the Victorian Government.