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Best Ways for Music Lovers to Help

  • Sound of Silence#SoundOfSilenceau is a national campaign initiative from the music world asking music fans to donate to Support Act – an Australian music charity. Go to to find out how you can support and donate today. #soundofsilenceau
  • Support Act: If you are in a position to do so, please donate to Support Act. This vital music charity provides crisis relief services to artists, roadies and music workers directly affected during this difficult time.
  • Consider donating your refunds for cancelled shows or a portion of your refund to the venue or Support Act.
  • Hang onto your tickets for rescheduled dates. By keeping your ticket, you keep funds in the industry when it is most needed.
  • Keep streaming and buying Australian music and merchandise – directly from artist websites, through local record stores (online), Bandcamp, Patreon or via your favourite streaming services – Spotify and Apple.
  • Been meaning to learn an instrument? Ask your fave local musician if they'd consider teaching you via video conference. Ask them to set a fee per lesson, and if you think it sounds too cheap or you can afford more, offer more.
  • Got work to offer? Doesn't have to be music-related. Post it in these job share facebook groups:
  • Spread the word – contact your preferred radio station and ask them to play your favourite Aussie artists or write a letter to your local MP.
  • Message your favourite musician or venue and offer moral support. Or, ‘Pay It Forward’ and buy a gift voucher for your favourite artist at their favourite rehearsal, recording or production studio.
  • If you know any workers affected by the recent event cancellations and postponements, check that they are aware of I Lost My Gig.