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Coronavirus Resources

In light of the current (COVID-19) Coronavirus outbreak, Music Victoria and VMDO have put together some useful resources for the Victorian music industry.

Latest News

  • Department of Health and Human Services Daily updates here

If you have any questions, queries or requests for further information relating to anything regarding the affect COVID-19 has had on the Victorian music industry, please send through an email to

Covid Recovery Advisory Group Members:

  1. Sally Mather - Programming & Commercial Manager, Forum Melbourne
  2. Steve Cross - Co-Founder & Director, Remote Control Record
  3. Christian Serrao - Director, Untitled Group
  4. Xani Kolac - Musical Director, SPIRE Ensemble
  5. Paige X. Cho - Senior Music Strategist, Bolster.
  6. Amy Laidlaw - Manager & Booking Agent, i hear Django
  7. Chelsea Gough - Head of Finance & Administration, Native Tongue Music Publishing
  8. Jeremy Furze - Artist Manager, Applejack Music
  9. Andrew Watt - Music Industry Lawyer, Ravens Nest Consulting
  10. Jeremiah Siemianow - Co-Founder & CEO, Muso
  11. Simon Mills - Managing Director, Pearl Entertainment Group
  12. Cat Hope - Artistic Director, Decibel Music Ensemble
  13. Samuel Nolan - Director, Tongberang'i Ngarrga Inc
  14. Elise Peyronnet - Manager, Melbourne Music Week
  15. Eyal Chipkiewicz - Managing Director, The Boite
  16. Tim Curnick - Producer/Musician

Terms of Reference:

  • The group will initially meet fortnightly, then monthly, over zoom, and in person at theMusic Victoria’s offices at Collingwood Yards
  • The term will be for 12 months
  • Members will also be asked to correspond over email in between meetings
  • Sub groups may be formed to focus on individual projects
  • Panel recommendations can be considered by Music Victoria, as well as other relevant peakbodies. Recommendations may be made to relevant governments through proposals andgrant applications
  • Expectations will be set among members that not all recommendations can be delivered by Music Victoria, and they will need to align with MV and VMDO business plans and resourcing